ABA Inside Track is...

  • A podcast about applied behavior analysis and the research that fuels the field
  • A spirited discussion between two BCBA-Ds and their BCBA host
  • A source of continuing education credit for BCBAs, BCBA-Ds, and BCaBAs (learn more here)
  • More fun than pressing a lever

Your Hosts


Robert Parry-Cruwys is the guy who gives out the CEUs.  He's not the smartest of the group, but he did figure out how to post a podcast first.


Diana Parry-Cruwys is the brains of the operation.  She made the logo and came up with our name.


Jackie MacDonald loves behavior analysis and dogs; co-brain of the show.  She is always in a good mood.


Our Guests

Sometimes, we're fortunate enough to have distinguished behavior analysts join us to discuss their own works.  Here are some of our honored guests:


Dr. Peter Gerhardt

Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D., The Executive Director of the EPIC School in Paramus, NJ.  Dr. Gerhardt has more than 35-years of experience utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in support of adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders in educational, employment, residential and community-based settings. He has authored and co-authored numerous articles and book chapters on the needs of adolescents and adults with ASD. He has presented nationally and internationally on this topic.  Dr. Gerhardt is the Founding Chairman of the Scientific Council for the Organization for Autism Research and currently Co-Chairs the Council with Dr. Joanne Gerenser. He is on several professional advisory boards including the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. Dr. Gerhardt received his doctorate from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey’s Graduate School of Education.


a.k.a. BehaviorBabe!

a.k.a. BehaviorBabe!

Dr. Amanda Kelly

Dr. Amanda N. Kelly received her PhD in Behavior Analysis from Simmons College in Massachusetts and is the owner and Executive Director for Keiki Educational Consultants, Inc., a private consulting company based on Oahu. Dr. Kelly has been licensed as an elementary education teacher for the past 15 years and certified as a Behavior Analyst for the last 10.

In 2012, Dr. Kelly became the first recipient of the “Jerry Shook Practitioner of the Year Award”, awarded by the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy (BABAT). In 2014, Dr. Kelly was recognized for her advocacy efforts and was awarded a scholarship from Autism Speaks, which allowed her to attend the Autism Law Summit in Nashville.

Dr. Kelly published two articles in 2015: Effects of Presession Pairing for Children with Autism (Behavioral Interventions) and Blurred Lines: Ethical Implications of Social Media (Behavior Analysis in Practice). Dr. Kelly is also a proud co-author of the 2015 Hawaii licensure for behavior analysts state law. Dr. Kelly teaches for the University of West Florida and George Mason University, offers BCBA Exam Prep courses through the Global Autism Project, serves as ABA Marketing Liaison for Relias Learning, and works part-time as a K8 Counselor at Assets Elementary in Honolulu.


Dr. Allen Karsina

From his Western New England faculty page: I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has worked with children and adolescents for over two decades, and for much of that time I have also had the good fortune to be able to teach behavior analysis and research methods courses to graduate students.  As Director of Professional Development at NECC, I have a strong interest in research in staff training techniques, but I also have interest in learning more about reinforcement, skill acquisition, and choice.


fdbs_Amanda Karsten_2013 WNE Photo.jpg

Dr. Amanda Karsten

Amanda Karsten is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Western New England University. Dr. Karsten serves on the editorial boards for Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and The Analysis of Verbal Behavior.  Dr. Karsten’s clinical and scholarly interests include early intensive behavioral intervention, professional decision making, and teaching complex social skills. In addition to advising students in the Master’s and Doctoral programs in Behavior Analysis at WNEU, Dr. Karsten collaborates with Dr. Bonni Alpert, Dean of Student Disability Services, to deliver a peer-mediated social and academic support program for college students diagnosed with ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Dr. Nicholas Vaneslow

Dr. Nicholas Vanselow

From Dr. Vanselow's bio: "I am very interested in the combination of behavior analytic and computer technology for improving socially meaningful behavior. My interests are mostly in the realm of health, wellness, and safety; however, discovering any way to use technology to make people more effective is an exciting prospect. Recently, I created a mobile (Android and iOS) and web application (PHP, HTML, etc.) for tracking Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at conferences called CEUHelper. However, I have been applying technology to aid behavior analysts since my first programming attempt that aimed to make data collection more efficient by creating an app for some of the earliest mobile devices (before smart phones and iPads) using VB .NET. I hope to continue to find ways to combine my interests in behavior analysis and computer programming to improve the lives of others."


Nick Green

Nick Green, is a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and the CEO of BehaviorFit.  Nick focuses on improving the health of others through practice and research. Nick received a degree in psychology from Purdue University, a masters in organizational behavior management from Florida Institute of Technology, and is currently enrolled in the doctoral program at the University of Florida.  

Nick’s previous experiences include five years of clinical work with individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities, working within organizations to evaluate and improve processes, managing and overseeing the training of small teams.  His experience and education bring a unique perspective when designing pro-health solutions.  Nick’s main focus and research interest in reducing sedentary behavior (too much sitting) in the workplace. His passion is: “Improving human performance and health with behavior analysis.”  When Nick is not in a book or writing, he enjoys training his dog Pete, improving productivity, photography, Olympic weightlifting, and CrossFit.

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Dr. Judah B. Axe

Judah B. Axe, Ph.D., BCBA-D, is an Associate Professor of Education and Behavior Analysis at Simmons College and the Director of the Special Education Program at Simmons.  Dr. Axe received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from The Ohio State University.  He conducts research with children with autism and related disabilities in the areas of verbal, social, and challenging behavior.  Three current research topics are the effects of problem solving on recalling past events, antecedent and consequent variables influencing social commenting (i.e., tacting), and the effects of presession pairing on compliance and problem behavior.  Dr. Axe's research has been recognized by the California Association for Behavior Analysis and the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy (BABAT).  He serves on the editorial boards of the The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, Behavior Analysis and Practice, and the International Journal of Behavior Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Dr. Axe serves as the Chair of the Verbal Behavior Special Interest Group of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI), the Co-Coordinator of the Verbal Behavior Area for the ABAI Conference, the Chair of the Student Relations Committee of BABAT, and a Trustee and the Continuing Education Coordinator of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.


Dr. Sandy Jin

Sandy Jin, Ph.D. BCBA-D, currently teaches at the California State University, Northridge. She received her doctoral degree in Behavior Analysis from Western New England University, under the mentorship of Dr. Gregory Hanley, and has been applying the principles of learning to improve the lives of individuals for over ten years. Prior to her current post, she served as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University and co-directed the children’s sleep program at Western New England University. She received her B.S. and M.S. training in psychology with an emphasis in behavior analysis from the University of California, San Diego, and the California State University, Los Angeles, where she worked with Dr. Edmund Fantino and Dr. Hank Schlinger. She has published in areas such as the assessment and treatment of sleep problems in young children and function-based interventions for severe problem behavior associated with autism. Dr. Jin’s scholarly and clinical interests include sleep problems, behavioral medicine, behavioral pediatrics, child development, early life skills, sustainable behavior, and function-based interventions.


Dr. William H. Ahearn

Bill Ahearn joined The New England Center for Children® in August 1996, and currently serves as the Director of Research.  He is also a Clinical Assistant Professor in Northeastern University’s graduate program in Applied Behavior Analysis and Adjunct Faculty in Western New England University’s doctoral program.  Bill was named the 2009 American PsychologicalAssociation – Division 25 awardee for Enduring Contributions to Applied Behavioral Research.  Bill is the ACE® coordinator for providing BCBA continuing education at NECC® and for the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy.  He also serves on the Autism Advisory Committees for the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts and the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.  Bill’s research interests include social skills in children with autism, verbal behavior, assessment and treatment of stereotypy, severe problem behavior, and pediatric feeding difficulties.  He is also interested in resistance to change, behavioral economics, and conditioned reinforcement.  His work has been published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Behavioral Interventions, Behavior Modification, The Lancet, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders and has written book chapters on teaching children with autism and pediatric feeding problems in children with autism.  Bill is currently on the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, and Behavioral Interventions and has served as a guest reviewer for several other journals.  He has also been Principal Investigator on a NIH-funded grant with Dr. William Dube, is co-Principal Investigator with Dr. Becky MacDonald on a grant funded by the Organization for Autism Research, and is a past-President of the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy.


Dr. Mallory Quinn

Mallory is a Board Certified Behavior Analysis and holds her Ph.D., as the first graduate of the University of South Florida’s Applied Behavior Analysis Doctoral program. She has her masters in ABA from USF under the advisement of Raymond Miltenberger. Her clinical work in behavior analysis has included parent training for children in foster care, staff training, work with children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities, and teaching multiple undergraduate courses in behavior analysis at the University of South Florida, as well as developing online course material for courses in USF’s online Applied Behavior Analysis masters program. Her clinical interests include teaching, disseminating ABA, and staff training.

 During her time in the masters and doctoral program, she conducted research in applying behavior analysis principles to sports training, to enhance the quality of dance training of competitive dancers, and decrease the use of training methods, which focus on the use of aversive contingencies and/or punishment. She wrote a manual titled the POINTE System (POsitive INTerventions to Enhance the performance of dancers), with co-authors Kwang-Sun Blair, PhD, BCBA-D and Raymond Miltenberger, PhD, BCBA-D, so that these procedures can be disseminated to dance instructors in a user-friendly format. She tested the efficacy and feasibility of this manual in a three part study for her dissertation. She currently has three published studies on using ABA to enhance dance performance for competitive dancers in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Journal of Behavior Analysis in Practice, and Behavioral Interventions, and has also supervised multiple studies in this area as well as in the area of teaching dance to individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Additionally, Mallory continues to be an avid musical theater performer in productions across Tampa, Florida, and surrounding areas. She works as a musical theater and dance instructor at two local dance studios and also as a Pure Barre fitness instructor. Periodically she choreographs local musical productions as well. She is also the owner and creator of Applied Behavior Analysis Sports Innovations (ABASI) LLC (abasportsinnovations.com). You can contact her at malloryquinn@abasportsinnovations.com.

Mallory’s passion is to disseminate ABA to less known areas and individuals outside of scientists in our field, and to continue to fuse our science with athletic coaching and lesser known areas of application such as performing arts, to create more positive and effective training procedures for all involved.


Devon Sundberg

Devon Sundberg received her bachelors in psychology from Indiana University Bloomington, IN, and her masters in applied behavior analysis (ABA) from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota. Devon is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). She has been practicing ABA as a behavior technician, parent trainer and clinical director for over 10 years. Devon and her husband, Dr. Carl Sundberg, BCBA-D, opened the Behavior Analysis Center for Autism (BACA) in 2009 and serve 120 clients in four different locations through a variety of programs. Devon and Carl are proud of their most important responsibility, their three daughters.