Episode 45 - Women in Behavior Analysis w/ Devon Sundberg

Whether you're a female or a male behavior analyst, we're sure you'll get a kick out of our discussion about the history of and challenges facing women in ABA.  Don't believe us? Well, maybe Devon Sundberg, the primary organizer of the Women In Behavior Analysis conference can convince you.  Devon brings us three fascinating articles discussing barriers of gender norms, the role of mentorship for young practitioners, and a batch of women in behavior analysis trivia.  And after you listen in, perhaps you'll be inspired to attend the Women in Behavior Analysis conference this March.  Tell 'em ABA Inside Track sent you!

Articles discussed this episode:

Ruiz, M.R.  (2003).  Inconspicuous sources of behavioral control: The case of gendered practices.  The Behavior Analyst Today, 4, 12-16.  doi: 10.1037/h0100005

LeBlanc, L.A.  (2015).  My mentors and their influences on my career.  The Behavior Analyst, 38, 237-245.  doi: 10/1007/s40614-015-0035-4

Simon, J.L., Morris, E.K., & Smith, N.G.  (2007).  Trends in women's participation at the meetings of the association for behavior analysis: 1975-2005.  The Behavior Analyst, 30, 181-196.

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