Bonus Episode 6 - ABA Inside Track Bloopers Vol. II

It's that time of the year when Rob spends way too much time combing through the nonsensical garbage that didn't make the actual podcast to put together a semi-coherent amalgamation of our screw-ups, tangents, and off-task singing.  It's our second volume of bloopers! Seriously, Rob spent hours editing this...try to laugh a little.

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None! There is nothing of value here!

ABA Inside Track Bloopers, Vol. I

Recorded with warmed-over outtakes and while my kids were taking a nap after too much Christmas merriment, it's ABA Inside Track's first (annual?) blooper episode.  Relieve a whole bunch of garbage I deleted from our professional, full-length episodes and saved so I could cobble together this year-end capper.  Please very much enjoy!