Episode 8 - Toilet Training

While we all try to teach individuals to use the potty in a day, what can we do after a week? We discuss research related to increasing the intensity of toilet training, transferring stimulus control, and using alarm systems before the conversation devolves into gross poop anecdotes and debates about archaic idioms.  You might think we've run out of ideas while listening to us rattle off every name we can think of for the toilet, but flush those thoughts away.  We eventually swirl back to some meaningful discussion about toilet training for children with disabilities.  Then back to potty humor.  It's our most mature episode yet.

Articles discussed in this episode:

LeBlanc, L.A., Carr, J.E., Crossett, S.E., Bennett, C.M., & Detweiler, D.D.  (2005).  Intensive outpatient behavioral treatment of primary urinary incontinence of children with autism.  Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 20, 98-105. doi:  10.1177/10883576050200020601

Luiselli, J.K.  (1996).  A case study evaluation of a transfer-of-stimulus control toilet training procedure for a child with pervasive developmental disorder.  Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 11, 158-162.  doi:10.1177/108835769601100305   

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