Episode 15 - Technology and Safety Skills Training

We all know that while behavioral skills training is a research-based method for training an individual to mastery, it can take a long time.  We all know that while training videos are super-fun, they have very little impact on promoting a skill to mastery.  This week we talk to Dr. Nick Vaneslow about how he mixed peanut butter and chocolate and used CBST and in situ training to teach young children safety skills.  The "C" is for computer.  Plus, Dr. Vaneslow tells us about his personalized cardboard cut-out, Diana learns gun-safety skills, Jackie discovers that there are more than four dangers in the world, and Rob begs everyone for a million dollars to create educational apps that save the best sound effects for choosing the wrong answers.  

Articles discussed this episode:

Vaneslow, N.R. & Hanley, G.P.  (2014).  An evaluation of computerized behavioral skills training to teach safety skills to young children.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 47, 51-69.  doi:  10.1002/jaba.105

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