Episode 33 - Classroom Management

It's almost summertime for teachers in America so what better time to review some classroom management strategies to mull over for the next few months.  This week we review the timeout ribbon and mindfulness strategies and mull over some big questions.  What timeout ribbon will the most fashionable students be wearing this fall? Does mindful eating sound as gross in the classroom as it does when Rob tries it on the podcast? And does Jackie approve of the new Anne of Green Gables series on Netflix? Plus, Diana's favorite number and the worst IOA we've ever seen.  Get ready to get that classroom into shape with your pals at ABA Inside Track!

Articles discussed this episode:

Foxx, R.M. & Shapiro, S.T.  (1978).  The timeout ribbon: A nonexclusionary timeout procedure.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 11, 125-136. doi:  10.1901/jaba.1978.11-125

Kasson, E.M. & Wilson, A.N.  (2016).  Preliminary evidence on the efficacy of mindfulness combined with traditional classroom management strategies.  Behavior Analysis in Practice, online only.  doi: 10.1007/s40617-016-0160-x

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