Episode 13 Preview Again????

Summer vacation is here and that's as true for the ABA Inside Track crew as it is for everyone else.  So, rather than try to podcast on location from the beach next week, we'll be rebroadcasting a classic episode featuring an interview with Dr. Peter Gerhardt on the challenges young adults and adolescents with disabilities face when entering adulthood.  But first, in errata, we share some listener emails on podcasting and mindfulness then take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of a new microphone stand.  Nothing says vacation like admiring podcast equipment.  And, don't forget to check out the new ABA Inside Track CE store!

Articles for next week:

Gerhardt, P.F. & Lainer, I.  (2011).  Addressing the needs of adolescents and adults with autism: A crisis on the horizon.  Journal of Contemporary Psychoherapy, 41, 37-45.  doi: 10.1007/s10879-010-9160-2