Bonus Episode 13 - Can You Hear Me Now? Our BABAT 2018 Panel

It’s our very first LIVE recording from the floor of BABAT 2018. This year we took part in a panel discussion on dissemination of behavior analysis, our favorite topic. And we even brought our very own data! Thanks to the organizers of the BABAT conference and to everyone who took our survey. And huge thanks to everyone who attended our panel. You were an amazing audience!

If you’d like to listen to the audio paired with our actual slides, why not watch the episode on our YouTube or Facebook page

Our Official Program Listing:

Panel Discussion:

Can You Hear Me Now? Discussions on the Dissemination of Behavior Analysis. Chair: Diana Parry-Cruwys (Regis College/ABA Inside Track). Panelists: Robert Parry-Cruwys (ABA Inside Track), Jacquelyn MacDonald (Regis College/ABA Inside Track).