Bonus Episode 13 - Can You Hear Me Now? Our BABAT 2018 Panel

It’s our very first LIVE recording from the floor of BABAT 2018. This year we took part in a panel discussion on dissemination of behavior analysis, our favorite topic. And we even brought our very own data! Thanks to the organizers of the BABAT conference and to everyone who took our survey. And huge thanks to everyone who attended our panel. You were an amazing audience!

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Our Official Program Listing:

Panel Discussion:

Can You Hear Me Now? Discussions on the Dissemination of Behavior Analysis. Chair: Diana Parry-Cruwys (Regis College/ABA Inside Track). Panelists: Robert Parry-Cruwys (ABA Inside Track), Jacquelyn MacDonald (Regis College/ABA Inside Track).

Bonus Episode 11 - BABAT Special 2018

When crisp fall air strikes, you know that the BABAT conference is about to get underway. This year, we celebrate New England’s coolest conference for behavior analysts by talking with some of the students featured at the evening poster session. Then, to honor the last BABAT held at scenic UMass Amherst, we gather some dear friends around two pounds of chicken wings to reminisce on some of our favorite memories.

Student Posters Discussed:

A Descriptive Assessment of Activity-Based Variation in Pre-School Children. NICOLE LENARES, Joseph Dracobly, Tayler Shea, Ashley Williams, Morgan Winship, and Sydney Spencer (Eastern Connecticut State University).

A Parametric Analysis of Inter-Trial Intervals on Establishing Functional Communication. KENDRA GUINNESS and Kevin Schlichenmeyer (The Autism Community Therapists).

Extending Functional Analysis Session Length to Yield Menainingful Outcomes. CURTIA HUMBERT, Matt Decho, Victoria Cimino, and David Kuhn (Milestones Behavioral Services).

Evaluation of Systematically Fading Protective Equipment to Decrease Problem Behavior and Increase Academic Skills. KRISTINA HARTY, Lauren Carter, and Silva Orchanian (Melmark New England).

Treatment of Stereotypy: Differential Reinforcement Schedules and Reinforcer Delivery Rate. FINLEY CRUGER, ANGELICA SEDANO, Eileen Roscoe, and Chelsea Hedquist (New England Center for Children).

Teaching Children to Implement Response Interruption Redirection to Reduce Siblings’ Stereotypy. KAITLYN MILES and Jacquelyn MacDonald (Regis College).

Teaching Abduction Prevention Skills to Children. TAYLOR JOHNS and Jacquelyn MacDonald (Regis College).

Assessment and Treatment of Trichotillomania: Are Competing Items Effective When Treating Multiply Controlled Behavior? KARA MACLEAN and G. Tracey Toran (New England Center for Children).

BABAT Special 2017

The BABAT conference in Massachusetts is all done, but that doesn't mean the fun is over.  Stay with us a while as we discuss our favorite talks, reflect on the highs of the conference, and bother a bunch of students until they agree to talk about their research on our show.  Remember, we made this episode instead of getting a good night's sleep in our discount hotel beds.

Posters discussed this episode:

A Methodology for Testing Whether Tokens function as Reinforcers.  Meacha Coon and Jason Bourret (The New England Center for Children).

Teaching an Adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Use an Activity Schedule During Vocational Beekeeping.  Jessica Sances, Jessica Day-Watkins, and James Connell (Drexel University).

Evaluating Procedural Parameters of Successive Matching-to-Sample for the Establishment of Equivalence Classes.  Tim Howland, Karina Zhelezoglo, Areli Perez Sotelo, and Caio Miguel (California State University, Sacramento).

Teaching Symbolic Play to Young Children with Autism.  Laura Wilhelm and Bill Ahearn (The New England Center for Children).

Effects of Category and Choice on Preference.  Jessica Gutfleish, Diannelys Rojas, and Allen Karsina (The New England Center for Children).

Positive Parent Contact to Enhance Family-School Communication: Does This Improve Classroom Behavior? Sarah Fefer, Ashley Thoma, and Marina Donnelly (University of Massachusetts, Amherst).

BABAT Special 2016

It's our super special episode at the BABAT Conference! We're recording LIVE from the top of the UMASS Amherst Student Center then saving it to go out prerecorded today.  Your three hosts chat about the various goings-on during this two-day cavalcade of behavior analysis and pull in some special guests to share their own experiences at the conference.  Come on and listen to the very first recorded ABA conference post-show in history! At least as far as I know of.