(REBROADCAST) Episode 29 - It's Not Easy Being Green

Happy Earth Day, everyone! While we know not everyone will be spending today completely updating their lifestyle to be more eco-friendly, you can at least listen to one of our older episodes to hear a discussion of some research ideas on how you might go about being a bit kinder to the planet going forward.

This episode was originally broadcast on April 26, 2017.

Articles discussed this episode:

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Miller, N.D., Meindl, J.N., & Caradine, M.  (2016).  The effects of bin proximity and visual prompts on recycling in a university building.  Behavior and Social Issues, 25, 4-10.  doi: 10.5210/bsi.v.25i0.6141

Chance, P. & Heward, W.L.  (2010).  Climate change:  Meeting the challenge.  The Behavior Analyst, 33, 197-206. 

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