Episode 81 - Healthy Food

Snacking sure is great. But, snacking isn’t usually the healthiest choice available. Since chiding people to eat better doesn’t seem to be cutting down the worldwide obesity epidemic, it looks like we’ll need behavior analysis to save the day. What does the research tell us about food preferences and promoting healthy food choices at a young age? And is there any way that we could make the whole thing some big, fun game? This podcast comes with and without cheese. You know you’re choosing the one with cheese.

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Articles discussed this episode:

Stark, L.J., Collins, Jr., F.L., Osnes, P.G., & Stokes, T.F. (1986). Using reinforcement and cueing to increase healthy snack food choices in preschoolers. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 19, 367-379. doi: 10.1901/jaba.1986.19-367

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