Episode 29 - It's Not Easy Being Green

Hey hey hey! ::cow mooing sound effect:: It's J-Dog, Dr. D, and the Rob-meister, comin' at ya with an all new episode of ABA Inside Track.  

This week the zoo crew is trying to use behavior analysis to go green.  Our street team will be handing out rulers to all the campers at the state park picking up trash.  And, at the top of the hour, we'll prank local university students by hiding all the recycle bins to see how much trash we can get them to generate. ::WAHOOGA::  Finally, one lucky winner is going to take home the top prize for conserving the most gas! ::fart noises::  Then, coming up after the show, a roundtable discussion of issues related to conservation and how ABA can provide meaningful solutions to ecological crises. 

But right now, back to our hilarious antics...This ain't your mom's podcast about behavior analysis, boy-ee!

Articles discussed this episode:

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