Episode 29 Preview

In honor of Earth Day, we're delving into how behavior analysis can help solve issues related to sustainability.  And while recording by candlelight might save electricity, it will take more than that to promote lasting green change.  But, before we get into the research, Rob stops the show cold by declaring himself the Scrooge of environmental causes requires counteracting by sharing positive vibes with some listener mail and the Reading Rainbow song.  It's not ABA Inside Track without a musical number.

Articles for next week:

Clark, R.N., Burgess, R.L., & Hendee, J.C.  (1972).  The development of anti-litter behavior in a forest campground.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 5, 1-5.  doi: 10.1901/jaba.1972.5-1

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Miller, N.D., Meindl, J.N., & Caradine, M.  (2016).  The effects of bin proximity and visual prompts on recycling in a university building.  Behavior and Social Issues, 25, 4-10.  doi: 10.5210/bsi.v.25i0.6141

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