Episode 63 - (SUPERVISION) Supervision Series II, pt 1 - The Future of Supervision w/ Dr. Jamie Hughes-Lika

Supervision September 2 starts off this week with a look at the future of supervision.  Namely, we discuss updates to supervision for BCBA trainees as laid out this past year by the BACB.  Then, after the dry stuff, Rob talks with Dr. Jamie Hughes-Lika of Summit Autism Services about some technology tools that may make your supervision a little easier.  Not discussed: Magical supervision robots who log your training hours minute-by-minute.  Though wouldn't that be cool?

Articles discussed this episode:

BACB Newsletter (October 2017)

BACB Newsletter (March 2018)

BCBA/BCaBA Experience Standards: Monthly System

Twyman, J.S.  (2014).  Envisioning education 3.0: The fusion of behavior analysis, learning science and technology.  Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis, 40, 20-38.  doi: 10.5514/rmac.v40.i2.63663

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Techsmith (makers of Camtasia)


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