February 2019 Preview

While it might be the shortest month of the year, ABA Inside Track is running long on exciting content. Switching up our preview format a bit, we’re here to tell you everything coming up in the ENTIRE MONTH! That’s right: Three full-length episodes in a row! We’ll be talking about acceptance and commitment training with our special guest, Dr. Adam Hahs, before discussing two outside-of-the-box topics with gamification and public speaking. Rob’s hours of editing behavior analytic journal review is your gain!

Also, if you’re looking for a fun conference in leadership, tickets are now available for the Behavior Analyst Leadership Conference (BALC), coming to Connecticut at the end of March!

*Note: Due to a camera SNAFU, we’re audio only this month. We’ll have our video back up for the next preview. Sorry about that!

Articles for February 2019:

Acceptance and Commitment Training

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Public Speaking

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