Episode 95 - Preschool Life Skills: The Next Generation w/ Dr. Einar Ingvarsson

Boldly going beyond the original research, it’s Preschool Life Skills: The Next Generation! We engage in this updated review of the PLS research with our discussion captain, Dr. Einar Ingvarsson, and lock phasers on new topics such as whether PLS can be used as a proactive learning curriculum, how behavior analysts could adopt a tiered model of teaching, and why Romulan Ale and warp drive don’t mix.

Articles discussed this episode:

Fahmie, T.A. & Luczynski, K.C. (2018). Preschool life skills: Recent advancements and future directions. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 51, 183-188. doi: 10.1002/jaba.434

Ala’i-Rosales, S., Cihon, J.H., Currier, T.D.R., Ferguson, J.L., Leaf, J.B., Leaf, R., McEachin, J., & Weinkauf, S.M. (2019). The big four: Functional assessment research informs preventative behavior analysis. Behavior Analysis in Practice, 12, 222-234. doi: 10.1007/s40617-018-00291-9

Robison, M.A., Mann, T.B., & Ingvarsson, E.T. (2019). Life skills instruction for children with developmental disabilities. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. doi: 10/1002/jaba.602

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