July 2019 Preview

Summer may be heating up, but ABA Inside Track is staying cool with a remote guest from Iceland and our third annual book club (which we’ll pretend was recorded on a beach). This month, we discuss social validity, virtual reality training with special guests Dr. Berglind Sveinbjornsdottir and Dr. Casey Clay, and how coercive practices may be synonymous with nuclear war. All that and listener emails and our typical preview episode nonsense.

Articles for July 2019

Social Validity

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Virtual Reality Training w/ Dr. Berglind Sveinbjornsdottir + Dr. Casey Clay

Sveinbjornsdottir, B., Johannsson, S.H., Oddsdottir, J., Sigurdardottir, T.P., Valdimarsson, G.I., & Vilhajalmsson, H.H. (2019). Virtual discrete trial training for teacher trainees. Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces, 13, 31-40. doi: 10.1007/s12193-018-0288-9

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Coercion and It’s Fallout Book Club

Sidman, M. (1989). Coercion and it’s fallout. Boston, MA: Authors Cooperative, Inc.