Episode 42 - CMOs

On this week's episode we discuss CMO-R's, CMO-T's, and everything in between.  Is it possible to improve discrete trial training with a better understanding of why kids hate DTT? And how can we shift student motivation to improve discrimination in PECS training? Then, between all of Diana and Jackie's smart talkin', Rob gets the ultimate revenge on those who have wronged him! Don't forget to download this; our absence serves as a CMO-P (for podcast).

Articles discussed this episode:

Carbone, V.J., Morgenstern, B., Zecchin-Tirri, G., & Kolberg, L.  (2010).  The role of the reflexive-conditioned motivating operation (CMO-R) during discrete trial instruction of children with autism.  Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 25, 110-124.  doi: 10.1177/1088357610364393

Gutierrez, A. Jr., Vollmer, T.R., Dozier, C.L., Borrero, J.C., Rapp, J.T., Bourret, J.C., & Gadaire, D.  (2007).  Manipulating establishing operations to verify and establish stimulus control during mand training.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 40, 645-658.  doi: 10.1901/jaba.2007.645-658

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Episode 6 Preview

We're all jazzed up to announce our very first guest: Dr. Amanda Kelly, the Behavior Babe herself.  She'll be joining us on next week's episode to discuss her article on presession pairing. And Jackie congratulates the BCBAs of tomorrow.

Articles to read for next week:

Kelly, A.N., Axe, J.B., Allen, R.F., & Maguire, R.W.  (2015).  Effects of presession pairing on the challenging behavior and academic responding of children with autism.  Behavioral Interventions, 30, 135-156.  doi: 10.1002/bin.1408