Episode 36 - Research Grab Bag III: The Grab Baginning

Every 12 episodes, our hosts choose articles from the research grab bag.  And what a melange of delightful topics are discovered this week.  We'll be reviewing research on infant vocalizations and imitations with Jackie, whether Daniel Tiger can teach children with autism to eat new foods and follow instructions with Rob, and which fun motor activity for children with autism may lead to the best on-task behavior with Diana.  No topic is off-limits when it's a grab bag!

Articles discussed this episode:

Hirsh, J.L., Stockwell, F., & Walker, D.  (2014).  The effects of contingent caregiver imitation of infant vocalization: a Comparison of multiple caregivers.  The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 30, 20-28.  doi: 10.1007/s40616-014-0008-9

Dotson, W.H., Rasmussen, E.E., Shafer, A., Colwell, M., Densley, R.L., Brewer, A.T., Alonzo, M.C., & Martinez, L.A.  (2017).  Evaluating the ability of the PBS children's show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood to teach skills to two young children with autism spectrum disorder.  Behavior Analysis in Practice, 10, 67-71.  doi: 10.1007/s40617-016-0134-z

Miramontez, S.K.H. & Schwarts, I.S.  (2016).  The effects of physical activity on the on-task behavior of young children with autism spectrum disorders.  International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, 9, 405-418.  

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