August 2019 Preview

Taking into account its renewed popularity, Rob busts out the dice for this Dungeons and Dragons-themed preview episode. Possible topics this month: gender diversity, preschool life skills, or goblins. Then, in errata, one of the nicest emails we’ve ever received.

Articles discussed this episode:

Gender Diversity in Behavior Analysis w/ Erin Dononvan and Kristen Lancaster

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Preschool Life Skills; The Next Generation w/ Dr. Einar Ingvarsson

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Grab Bag VIII: Dark Stimulus

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Episode 21 - The Good Behavior Game

Back from the Summer of '69, it's the Good Behavior Game! We debunk the rumors that the benefits of this classic group contingency is all hype--it totally works--and rattle off a whole bunch of replications in addition to reviewing the original article that started the craze for this behavioral vaccine.  Then, finally, the wait is over as we crown the worst classroom ever described in research.  That teacher could only wish that her biggest problem was tardy Sailor Moon fans or a zombie apocalypse.  Plus, Rob has a good idea, maybe.  

Articles discussed this episode:

Barrish, H.H., Saunders, M., & Wolf, M.M.  (1969).  Good Behavior Game: Effects of individual contingencies for group consequences on disruptive behavior in a classroom.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 2, 119-124.  doi:  10.1901/jaba.1969.2-119

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