Bonus Episode 12 - Thompson Center for Autism Conference Special 2018

Our live recording wasn’t the only awesome thing happening at the Thompson Center for Autism’s 2018 Conference. We had the chance to chat with some of the other speakers about their research and favorite moments from the show. We also talked with a number of presenters at the student poster session. Plus, Rob finds a way to play video games. This episode is the next best thing to having been in St. Louis yourself. Thanks so much to all of the folks at the Thompson Center for their hard work and for letting us bother so many amazing individuals!

Conference Speakers:

Dr. Rebecca Landa

Dr. Sarah Lechago

Dr. Casey Clay

Dr. Jason Vladescu

D.r Adel Najdowski

Dr. Kristin Sohl

Posters Discussed:

Assessing and promoting independence in young adults with autism spectrum disorder presented by Ann Coleman, University of Missouri

Comparison of naturalistic and arranged SDs during schedule thinning following FCT presented by McKenzie Bacon, Missouri State University

Caregiver fading following functional communication training presented by John Augustine, Missouri State University

Using stereotypy as reinforcement for alternative behaviors: A replication and extension presented by Katherine Johnson, University of Missouri

Using behavioral skills training to shape job skills in adults with autism spectrum disorder presented by Valerie Smith, University of Rochester

Effects of procedural fidelity of photographic activity schedules on client performance presented by Ashley Stevens, University of Missouri

Episode 10 - Picture Activity Schedules

This week we're looking at using picture activity schedules to increase play and social interactions.  We spill the beans, break the ice, hide, seek, and jump into the wood chips all in the name of extending the literature on this excellent technology.  And, without a visual schedule, we let Rob review an article with humorous results.  Well, they would have been humorous, but he does all the editing.  

Articles discussed this episode:

Betz, A., Higbee, T.E., & Reagon, K.A.  (2008).  Using joint activity schedules to promote peer engagement in preschoolers with autism.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 41, 237-241.  doi: 10.1901/jaba.2008.41-237

Brodhead, M.T., Higbee, T.S., Pollard, J.S., Akers, J.S., & Gerencser, K.R.  (2014).  The use of linked activity schedules to teach children with autism to play hide-and-seek.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 47, 645-650.  doi: 10.1002/jaba.145

Akers, J.S., Higbee, T.S., Pollard, J.S., Pellegrino, A.J., & Gerencser, K.R.  (2016).  An evaluation of photographic activity schedules to increase independent playground skills in young children with autism.  Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 49, 1-6.  doi: 10.1002/jaba.327

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The Basics of Picture Activity Schedules - A Quick Review

I love trainings: attending, running, creating.  I'd put together a brief training for registered behavior technicians on using picture activity schedules recently and, as it contained some of the recent research updates, thought it'd be a good review of the past literature on picture activity schedules for our audience.